Pretty excited to get started on the drawing for this illustration finally.

I didn’t cut these out last night because I got tired. But here are 5 of 7 mushrooms. Let’s count this as a #wip for now. I’ll cut them tonight and paint some more produce…

This will eventually be my one and only contribution to #inktober this year. #halloween #headlesshorseman #sleepyhollow #ichabodcrane

Spppoooooooooookkkkyyyyyyyy 🎃

This here is a pear. I like brown pears with their leathery skin and super juicy flesh. They are such satisfying fruits. I haven’t had one yet this fall but I will. You can actually do a lot with pears because there are so many varieties. They make wonderful pies, but they can also be cooked and paired with red meat or turkey. You can candy them, put them in salad or make a salsa to put on a dessert. Pear juice is delicious and a purée might be nice too… Pears are great.

It’s a #carrot! These make great snacks. Growing up my mom used to slice them and cook them in butter until they were just a little bit soft. They’re full of sugar so they tasted like buttery candy. Carrots make a good crunchy snack too. Also good in stews and soups and even to add snap and color to a chicken salad instead of celery.

Brussels sprouts! Made of cardboard obviously. I live brussels sprouts roasted with garlic and butter and salt, and maybe a touch of hot pepper powder for kick. #cardboardfood #freshproduce #producingproduce

Some more #cardboardfood This fresh produce is a potato. Potatoes are great in soups, as fries, or just sliced and sautéed.


Things are getting precarious in here. Small batches.

(Strange Altars #1 - FOOD)

includes contributions from burningfp, 3liza, alveoliphotography, gantpants, traversefamilypicnic, goat-boots, publicfruit, erinmatt, ayarosen, fungusfocusedfreak, zeroisaplaceholderzero, inchesgiven, ghostcafe, garychapple, and more

Strange altars is coming! Issue #1 - Food. I’m pumped.