Not quite as nice as the real thing, but not bad either… (at Prospect Park - Lakeside)

Ugh I’m skewing down right. Bleck. (at Boathouse on the Lullwater of the Lake in Prospect Park)

Quack (at Dog Beach - Prospect Park)

Dog Beach at prospect park (at Dog Beach - Prospect Park)


Some subway drawing. The F Train has really nice diverse faces and ages. I like the F Train.

Hey everyone! A little break from my regular illustration posts to share what i’ve been working on for the fantastic Clinton Kelly. For the last year I’ve listened to him and worked with his team to develop his first *fabulous* foray into the wonderful land of Housewares. These dishes are the result of a lot of hard work, fun, and creativity, and I hope some of you will find them interesting. Thanks for your time! 

And another one. Originally showed up at #brooklyndrawjam but he came over last night to help address these things.

One if my favorites from this lil excersize. Mail truck!

Pretty much standardized the postcard drawings now. 100+ is a lot of little drawings for each to be original. Anyway this little me is going to be my new sign-off. I’m pretty excited to have met him!