Pie comics. Favorite panel from a comic I drew for @mollyrosebroxton’s Strange Altars ‘zine. So excited.

Drawings from the beach today. I decided to pull out the china markers and play with limited colors. I want to refine the first piece into something a bit more graphic. It was really fun!

Sketchbook work from the train to the Rockaways.

Eat the pie

Beach drawin

Not sure I ever posted this. Old sketch of a lil fella on a bike

Ice water for louching your anise. Drawn at PDT in the LES

Thars a barr. At PDT in the LES recently. These are some strangers, but I was there with some friends.

My hand is looking meaty…. I drew at Herald Square this evening.


A flower for Aisha.

My friends Rebecca Bradley and Janna Morton run the project Blooms of Nigeria, a blog whose goal is to present nearly 200 illustrated flowers, each for a different girl who was taken in the April kidnapping in Nigeria, and to keep the discussion and awareness of their plight alive. It’s a terrible crisis, and recently, there have been new kidnappings of almost 100 girls and boys as well. There isn’t much many of us reading about it from our computers can do to help directly with this situation, but at the very least, we can all keep talking about the problem, express our sadness and eagerness for a resolution. There is also an Amnesty International petition you can sign to help appeal to the Nigerian government for action.

Let’s not forget about these girls. Let’s all keep loudly hoping for their rescue.

This is still important. Let’s keep up awareness.

(via groeneinkt)