These eggs are excited about the weekend!

Nasty psychosexual comic about a manipulative pie coming soon to a tumblr near you.

Stamp ideas

My little city! All the pieces are finished. Now it’s time for me to make my repeating patterns from the motifs. I’m having so much fun with this!


musyaherzog asked:

you're amazing! just sayin'.



sorry i didn’t respond sooner. I’m a terrible person.

This lady sells flowers

It’s coming together!

The little city is coming along…

Working on a concept for my next floral textile. Orchids? I think so…


Hey, I’ll be at MoCCA today. No table this year, but come find me on the floor! I’ll have free copies of my story “Bulletproof” and I’ll be selling a limited number of copies of “Day Job,” my 52-page collection of autobio comics about working retail. Hopefully I’ll see you there! I’ll look something like the above… as will a dozen other dudes, probably.

Jordan Jeffries, everyone! Find him at MoCCA Fest! Tell him Gant sent ya! (Not sure that will do anything but it might be funny…)