This young lady was visiting New York with her European family. I couldn’t tell what language they were speaking but they were all pretty excited to be here. It’s cool to live in a city that so many people love so much.

She was so fashion. All shapes and contrast. I looked at her and thought “wow I wish I could draw her” and then remembered that I can totally draw her. Life is full of moments like that for me.

He was listening to music or something

She was reading what I assume is a very good book. I think she is into nature or the outdoors bc she was wearing lightweight cargo pants and some muddy hiking boots. I was a little jealous, but I’m headed up to the mountains soon for my birthday with @dpesick.

I think this lady had a long day.

I’m at Tekserve waiting to fix my poor poor computer, so now you guys have to endure another sketchbook dump. Sry. Also that’s a belt not his dong hanging out on the subway. Just FYI y’know.

This is the last of the fresh produce going in the mail today. I’ll whip up more soon though. This one is an apple which is my favorite fall-times snack. Crisp and sweet and juicy!

There is some fresh produce going through the mail today to some people who are very special to me! This one is Romaine and you can use it in salads or to add good crunch to your sandwich.

There is some fresh produce in the mail to some people who are very special to meeeee. This one is Garlic, y’know to make your food taste good.

Fellas. Also that one guy from Boardwalk Empire…