Another couple pages

Drawings closer up. Accordion sketchbook at the beach

I got a Japanese accordion sketchbook from #moleskine for this beach trip. My goal is to fill it by the end of the week. This is it so far… (at Altantic Beach)

Pie comics. Favorite panel from a comic I drew for @mollyrosebroxton’s Strange Altars ‘zine. So excited.

Drawings from the beach today. I decided to pull out the china markers and play with limited colors. I want to refine the first piece into something a bit more graphic. It was really fun!

Sketchbook work from the train to the Rockaways.

Eat the pie

Beach drawin

Not sure I ever posted this. Old sketch of a lil fella on a bike

Ice water for louching your anise. Drawn at PDT in the LES